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For an independent school like Dana Hall, a strong endowment is a measure of an institution’s financial well-being and its community's investment in its mission. 

Our endowment generates current-use funds that can be deployed to expand or evolve programs to respond to unforeseen circumstances, to invest in new opportunities that benefit our students and faculty, to reduce the annual increase in tuition, or to supplement financial aid and other offerings that students depend upon. The larger the value of the endowment, the more it can contribute to our finances each year. With your support, we will increase our endowment to $100 million, which will result in an additional $1.3 million annually to support critical initiatives.


The endowment currently supplies 8% of Dana Hall’s annual operating budget.

A more robust endowment will power:

  • The retention and recruitment of talented teachers and staff through enhanced professional development opportunities and competitive benefits
  • Competitive financial aid packages that allow us to attract and enroll a student body that reflects academic excellence and diversity of background—creating a richer and deeper learning experience for all our students
  • Smaller annual tuition increases, so Dana Hall remains affordable for more families
  • Unrestricted funds that allow us to capitalize on new and emerging opportunities, and respond nimbly to unforeseen challenges 

The cost of tuition doesn’t actually cover the full cost of attending a school like Dana Hall. It is the endowment and annual giving that close the gap for every student, regardless of if they are full pay or not. As parents and community members, we all benefit from a strong endowment and annual support.Frank and Luisa Borges P24

Your support pushes us fearless forward.